I help you create user friendly
services and products.

service design

Service Design

people-centered customer experience
and service innovation

user experience design

UX Design

design of intuitive
digital user experiences
and interfaces

user research

Design Research

user research, best practices & trends, usability checks



user research
I help you understand the needs of your users and identify opportunities for improving and innovating your products and services.

Activities: contextual interviews, shadowing, diary studies, field observations, competitor and trend research, best practices, etc.

Outcomes: personas (user profiles), user requirements, customer journey maps, experience maps, pain points and opportunities, priorities


storyboard customer journey
I help you plan services and interfaces from the user’s point of view to create a positive user experience.

Activities: ideation and concept development; definition of functions, features and behaviors; modeling and prototyping of interfaces, processes and interactions; concept exploration with stakeholders and users

Outcomes: overall concept with specifications for implementation (sketches, customer journey maps, service blueprints, user story maps, wireframes, prototypes,…)


paper prototyping
I evaluate usability and attractiveness of concepts, prototypes, and existing products and services to identify opportunities for improvement.

Activities: user tests, thinking aloud protocol, rapid prototyping, expert reviews, heuristic analysis, cognitive walkthroughs, service safaris, service staging, role play, card sorting, benchmark tests, A/B testing, etc.

Outcomes: test reports with recommendations and visuals, test videos, usability benchmark (success measurement)


design thinking coaching
I help you to increase customer focus and establish design thinking in your organization.

Integration of Human-Centered Design and Service Design Thinking, project-based consulting, project coordination, workshops, courses, talks, training on the job

Case study

Health App and ServicesService & UX design in health care: Together with migrant women and health care staff we developed a multi-lingual health app which informs about local services, provides timely health tips and supports communication between patients and doctors. Continue…
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About me

nicole neuberger, service designer and ux designer

I’m a Service and User Experience Designer with a background in Psychology (MSc) and Interaction Design (MA). For the last 16 years I’ve been helping companies in different countries to create user friendly products and services – initially as a Usability Consultant, then as a User Experience Manager and finally as a self-employed designer and trainer for design thinking and human-centered design.

I’m available for freelance work, consulting, coaching and training. My working languages are German, English and Italian.


Nicole Neuberger
MSc Psychology,
MA Interaction Design
Wimbergergasse 9/22
A–1070 Vienna
+43 660 342 6208

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Image credits: patient doctor communication (“Service Design”), wr52351, CC BY-ND 2.0

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