Human-Centered Design Thinking

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Coaching and Mentoring

service design thinking coaching

You are still rather new to Service Design Thinking and User Experience (UX)? Not quite sure how to approach your first design thinking project? Which methods are appropriate? How much time is needed? How to get support for a customer-centered approach within your organization?

I’m happy to virtually stand by your side with 20 years of experience in working with users. In addition to the lessons learned and best practices from project work, I bring along an extensive experience as a service design trainer, coach and mentor. I look forward to supporting you in your challenges and celebrating your successes with you. Just send me a message to set up a short online get to know!

Freelance and Consulting

If your team needs temporary support with UX or Service Design, I’m available to join forces as a freelancer or consultant. We can combine this with a training-on-the-job for employees who may want to build up competencies in Service Design, Research and UX.

Design Research, UX Research

user research in service design

UX Research helps you to understand the needs of your customers. Through observations, interviews and co-creation it is possible to identify opportunities for service innovation and customer experience improvement.
Typical activities and outcomes: contextual interview, design ethnography, diary study, field observation, co-creation, service safari, analysis of quantitative user data, personas (user profiles), customer journey map, experience map, opportunity map, priority list

Ideation, Design, Prototyping

service design storyboard customer journey

Visualizations and prototypes are crucial for thinking and designing services and interfaces from the user’s point of view.
Typical activities and outcomes: ideation with creativity techniques, concept development, visualization and specification (idea sketch, customer journey map, service blueprint, user story map, wireframe), interface / service / experience prototyping (paper prototype, digital prototype)

UX Testing, UX Reviews

service prototype test

Various methods allow to evaluate prototypes and existing products/services regarding their usefulness, usability and attractiveness. In this way, opportunities for customer experience improvement can be quickly identified.
Typical activities and outcomes: user test, thinking aloud protocol, rapid prototyping, expert review, heuristic evaluation, cognitive walkthrough, service safari, card sorting, desirability toolkit, A/B testing, usability benchmark (success measurement), etc.

UX and Service Design Case Study:
Service Design for Healthcare

nicole neuberger, service designer and trainer

About me

For the last 2o years I have been helping organizations adapt human-centered design thinking and acting, sometimes as a UX Researcher, sometimes as a Service Designer, other times as a Manager, Consultant, Trainer or Coach. In my experience two aspects are particularly crucial for service design and innovation:
1) Relevant innovations are always grounded in a close observation of human behaviour.
2) The successful implementation of good ideas largely depends on organizational conditions.

As a psychologist, designer and trainer, I bring along a well mixed toolkit that will help us create a tailored strategy and flexible method kit for you and your organization.

My clients, employers and course/coaching participants come from diverse industries and include, for example, Sony,, Deutsche Bahn, UN World Food Programme, Daimler, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Whirlpool, Weleda, Swarovski, Red Bull, M.A.N., Swiss Post, Generali, Zürich Insurances, E.ON, City of Hamburg, Renault, Deloitte, Porsche, Volkswagen, Frauenhofer Institute, Seven One Media, etc.
Projects range from digital to physical services, most of them having mixed touchpoints.


I look forward to your message!
My working languages are German, English, Italian and Spanish.
Nicole Neuberger
Vienna & Bogotá
available for remote work
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