Anne Eli: Pregnancy App and Services for Migrant Women

There are a lot of complex problems in health care that can be approached with service design thinking. One of them is migrant health.

More than 50% of the women that give birth in Vienna are not born in Austria. Pregnancies of migrant women are more problematic than pregnancies of locals, care and prevention services are used less. Together with women from different countries and health care staff we developed new ideas and solutions with the help of service design thinking.



Design research: photo diary
Pregnancy journey
Scenario of use: at the obstetrician's practice
Paper-prototype test with users

Our first goal was to find out how women from other countries experienced their pregnancy in Vienna, which were the positive and which the negative aspects. We were also interested in learning what motivates and delights them in their everyday life. We conducted in-depth interviews with pregnant women and young mothers, but also with health care staff and social workers, in order to learn about the challenges from the service providers’ point of view.

Based on the results we developed the first paper prototypes and tested them with our users and health care staff. After several iterations we had a fully functional prototype which both the users and health staff were eager to use in practice. We would like to do a longterm test with this prototype in the field together with a qualified content partner.


App and Service Concept

Health tips, information about local services and events
Information about upcoming appointments
Preparation for medical visits (questions, answers)

In the first phase of the project we developed a multi-lingual pregnancy app. In a playful way the app provides health tips and guides women through the local healthcare system. Moreover, it helps women to prepare for medical visits and communicate more confidently with their doctors.

The app is at the center of a larger service concept to improve migrant health which also foresees interventions directly at medical practices and hospitals. Prototypes of additional tools to improve health literacy and patient doctor communication, including a board game and a storybook, have already been tested and have received positive feedback.

Context: self-initiated project in collaboration with Eva Westhauser
My role: creative lead, project manager, UX designer
My tasks: design research, customer journey mapping, sketches, storyboards, wireframes, interactive prototypes,…
Team: Nurten Aybar (user research, translations), Eva Westhauser (marketing, business model), Konstantin Wolf (graphic design, ux design), Stephan Petzl (Android development)
If you offer health-related services for pregnant women and would like to test the app, feel free to contact us.


This Project (“Anne Eli”) was funded by aws

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